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** Frequently Asked Questions **

 1. How will I know if the date I need is available?

After you call us, someone will verify the date that you desire to reserve. If the date is available, details of your event will be discussed and a contract will be agreed upon. A small reservation fee will be required in order to lock in your date. 

2. How soon in advance should call to reserve a date?

The sooner the better! Dr. Merritt is a sought-after speaker and her calendar fills up quickly. However, you may request bookings up to 6 months in advance, a contract will be made.  

3. How long are the presentations/keynote addresses or workshops?

Keynote speeches are typically one hour long. Trainings, seminars, and workshops are between one hour to one-half hour. All other services are decided upon between the client and M&M Motivating.  

4. Who pays for hotel and transportation?

M&M will cover both hotel and transportation for the first 30 miles from Pembroke Pines, Florida. Anything over that must be agreed upon between M&M Motivating and the client. 

5. When is payment due?

Depending upon the nature of the event, terms may vary. There are different terms for in the city, out of the city and out of state. Terms of agreement are made between M&M and the client. If traveling out of town, an agreement between both parties will be made after specifics are discussed.

6. Who is responsible for handouts or technical equipment the speaker may need?

If handouts are necessary for the training, workshop or presentation, copies made will be decided between M&M and the client. However, the speaker may request certain AV equipment to be set up by the client for his or her presentation.  

7. Will the speaker sell his or her products at the event?

This is negotiated between the client and M&M Motivating. Most often, the audience desires to by books written by Dr. Merritt, but again, it is us to the client.   

8. How can I get more information on M&M Motivating?

Clickfor Dr. Merritt’s MEDIA KIT.

9. If I need Dr. Merritt for more than two days, may I make that request?

Yes. She has done 3-day and 7-day retreats. The details will be negotiated between M&M Motivating and the client.   

10. I need more information. Who may I contact?

You may call 1-800-669-3604 to speak with an M&M Motivating representative. Hours of operation are from 7:00a.m to 7:00p.m Eastern Standard Time.    

11. I don’t need a speaker, but I do need help writing my book.

How can I get information on that?

We can also help you with that. We offer formatting, proofreading, editing, typesetting, ghostwriting, chapter organization, and we can also help get your book uploaded to Amazon, Ingram, and Barnes N Noble.

12. I do not need any of the above, but I’m trying to write a curriculum. How can I get information on that?

Please give us a call at the number above to ascertain if we write curriculum in the area of your need. We do specialize in workbooks.

M&M Consulting, Training & Professional Speaking


Office Hours: 7:00a.m. - 7:00p.m  

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