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What are people saying?

I was so amazed at how Dr. Merritt had over 200 people mesmerized by her positive energy and stimulating message. She worked the platform and engaged the audience in meaningful, thought-provoking activities that were fun. They absolutely loved her and the evaluations were superb!

~Trudy Fernandez, Director of HR Relations

Florida International University

The congregation at the Church of the Nazarene loves Minister Merritt so much that they request her each year as the keynote speaker for the Women’s Conference and annual retreat. I tell them that we have to give other people a chance. She’s so uplifting that she makes you feel that you can go out and conquer the world by realizing the power within you.  

~Jean Rasberry, President of the Women’s Ministry

Church of The Nazerene

Dr. Merritt facilitated a stress-reduction seminar for our annual staff retreat at the University of Miami Public Relations Department. I loved the way she engaged the employees in hands-on, thought-provoking activities. As an incentive, she had them competing for prizes while brainstorming on viable stress-releasing solutions. I had never seen them laugh so much while learning so much. I look forward to having her back this year.  

~Elizabeth Amore, B.B.A., M.A. ,

Executive Director of Media Relations

University of Miami

Dr. Merritt was the keynote speaker for the graduating ceremony of Precision, a summer program for girls that teaches them a variety of life-skills while enhancing the total girl. She also facilitated a workshop entitled, ‘The Importance of Relationships’. One of the things she said to the girls in her keynote speech that I will never forget is, “If all he wants is legs, thighs and breasts, then send him to KFC.” We look forward to having Dr. Merritt each year and love her energy and heart for the children.  

~Vice Mayor Felicia Brunson

Founder of Precision 

We had heard that Dr. Merritt was a phenomenal speaker and thought that she would be the perfect person to give a keynote to our staff at the Department of Homeland Security for Black History Month. She was inspiring and very motivating. She was able to touch a diverse group of employees in such a dignified and professional manner. They enjoyed her immensely!  

~Joseph Hackbarth

Department of Homeland Security

Field Office Director Kendall Field Office    

When Dr. Merritt gave a seminar to the Executives at the Florida Christian Association of America (FCAA), I had no idea that she was “that” good. She pulled out brainstorming, performance-enhancing strategies, engaged them in hands-on activities and did many team-building activities with them. Her presentation was extremely productive and very beneficial for the organization.

  ~Herman Williams, President Emeritus

Family Christian Association of America

Dr. Merritt gave a workshop to the Miami Dade City Managers Association on how to effectively & strategically Brand themselves. I must admit that the managers were thoroughly pleased at the information she conveyed and continued to rave about how professional and informative Dr. Merritt was. She is truly one-of-a-kind!    

                                                                              ~Renee Crichton, Assistant City Manager

City of Miami Gardens

Dr. Merritt has not only been a keynote speaker for the International Mastermind Association, but she also sits on the Board of Directors and has been in the association for over 20 years. I am always impressed by how she not only teaches the mastermind concepts, but she implements them in her own life. She is the poster child for mastermind. 

~Ann McNeillPresident/CEO MCO Construction

President, International Mastermind Association

As a graduate and alumni of Florida Memorial University, Dr. Merritt has been returning to give back to the students by pouring her wisdom, experiences and knowledge into them by way of the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP). She has a way of connecting with, yet captivating the students through her energy, her passion and her genuine interest in their well-being. We love having her each year and always look forward to her return.  

~Athena Jackson

Director of Career Development

Florida Memorial University  

The Women’s Impact Luncheon is a component of Jazz in the Gardens. This luncheon is always given to jumpstart the JIG weekend. Women’s Impact was started by the first Mayor of Miami Gardens, Shirley Gibson. As such, we bring in top-notch speakers, moderators and facilitators to help ensure the event is successful. Needless-to-say, Dr. Merritt has served as an asset each year we have it. She’s been a speaker, moderator and hostess for the event. I always tell her that she is my favorite motivational speaker on the planet!  

~Michelle Swaby-Smith

P.O. Box 260695

Pembroke Pines, Fl 33026

We love Dr. Merritt’s energy, commitment and the way she uplifts others when she speaks. She has been a mentor with girl power for over five years now and has played a positive role in the lives of her mentees. Dr. Merritt has done numerous workshops, keynote speeches and has facilitated training sessions for the organization. She is a valuable asset to Girl Power and we are blessed to have her.

  ~Thema Campbell, President/CEO

World Literacy Crusade of FL, Inc.

Dr. Merritt was very instrumental in helping to get the International Black Doctorates Association (IBDA) revitalized in 2012. She spoke at the pinning ceremony and was one of the panel speakers at the Luncheon held the next day. The 2-day event was extremely successful and as a result, IBDA has been moving forward rapidly. Dr. Merritt sits on the Board of Directors for IBDA and her excellence in collaboration with the other members keeps the organization thriving and forward-moving.  

~Dr. Velma Hepburn Founder,

International Black Doctorates Association

When I met Dr. Merritt, I could feel the anointing on her life and I wanted to hear her speak. When she preached at our church’s fifth anniversary, she touched the members so much that they begged for her to return. Dr. Merritt has been back to Orlando to deliver a keynote for our Women’s Day, and she also spoke for the Mother/Daughter brunch we had in May. She has become part of the family of ‘The Lord’s House’ in Orlando and we love having her come and speak.  

                                                               ~Pastor Wesley Harris

The Lord’s House Orlando, FL  

We have had Dr. Merritt speak at New Jerusalem many times. The women love her energy level, her knowledge of the Word, and her authenticity. She captures the audience with the power with which she speaks under the anointing. We look forward each year to having her back when we can.  

~First Lady Sharon Anderson

Women’s Ministry President

New Jerusalem First Missionary Baptist Church 

Dr. Merritt spoke at our Women’s Conference at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, and she was phenomenal! The ladies on our women’s ministry raved about how much spiritual wisdom she had, how down to earth she was, and requested her return. Dr. Merritt is not only a friend of our church, but she is also my friend. I highly respect Dr. Merritt for the Godly integrity she walks with and I wish her well all of her future endeavors. 

~Dr. Gaston E. Smith, Pastor

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church    

Dr. Merritt speaks, peaches and gives workshops at Greater Love Full Gospel Missionary Baptist Church each year during Women’s Month and throughout the year for various other events. The Women’s Ministry as well as the youth ministry love her dearly. She pours herself out when she ministers and doesn’t hold anything back. That’s what we love about her.     

~Pastor Dwayne Richardson

Greater Love Full Gospel Missionary

Baptist Church

Minister Merritt was one of the keynote speakers for our Women’s Conference at ‘Just as I am International Ministries’ and she was phenomenal. I will never forget the topic of her sermon ‘A Spirit of Excellence’ taken from the book of Daniel. Not only was I blessed, but I was proud of the spiritual anointing that rests upon her life. Dr. Merritt is not only a powerful woman of God, but she is my friend and I love her dearly.  

Pastor Lydia Goodin, Pastor

Just as I am International Ministries

Dr. Merritt has spoken at the annual Tea at United Christian Praise and Worship Center and she’s also spoken for my Pastor’s Anniversary. I am so proud of Dr. Merritt and her accomplishments! She has made me proud over and over again. As her spiritual mentor and friend, I find her to be a woman of integrity, great faith, and diligence. The wisdom that God has imparted into her is remarkable. I pray that God’s favor continues to rein in her life as she stays in His will and continues on the path leading to the kingdom of God.  

~Dr. Dennis M. Jackson, Pastor

United Christian Praise and Worship Center

Dr. Merritt spoke at our "Your Breathing Space" Women's Retreat and we couldn't get enough! She returned for our Women's Conference and Successful YOU! empowerment seminar series. Each time she powerfully motivated everyone to stir up the gifts within them for their good and God's glory. Personally, she has planted and watered seeds in my life that now provides fruit for others to grow in character.   

~First Lady Selena P. Williams

Believers of Christ Ministries

Author, The Power of Diligence CEO/Founder, Successful YOU!

Dr. Merritt is a phenomenal speaker and true child of God. She spoke at our Women's conference for two years in a row at Pleasant Heights Missionary Baptist Church, and we were truly blessed with her presence and words on inspiration. I applaud her successes, and give her the honor that she deserves for being the woman of God that she is. She is truly an anointed and awe-inspiring minister of the gospel!  

~Roylene Lowery,

President of the Women’s Ministry

Pleasant Heights Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. Merritt was our keynote speaker for The ‘Women’s Connection Program’ at New Vision Emmanuel Baptist Church. Her message was so empowering that she had the women in tears. They were uplifted, encouraged, but were also challenged to take their lives to another level through Godly goal-setting. We so appreciated Dr. Merritt’s presence and look forward to her return.  

~Cindy Hiena

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Coordinator

The Women’s Connection

We loved the way Dr. Merritt got down on the level of the young girls at the “Because I’m Beautiful’ annual ceremony. She talked to them about grace, class, conversations, etiquette, and even boys. The young girls were able to relate to her and loved her realness. We so enjoyed her!

~Octavia Kearney, Founder

Because I’m Beautiful

When I heard Dr. Merritt speak at New Jerusalem, I knew that we had to have her come speak at our church. Community Deliverance Church truly enjoyed the word that Minister Merritt delivered at our Women’s Conference and we can’t wait to have her back next year.

~Evangelist Carolyn Mitchell

Community Deliverance Church

After hearing how phenomenal Dr. Merritt was, I brought her to Logas Baptist Church to give a five-day leadership conference to the leaders in our church. They immensely enjoyed her and were astounded by her knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Merritt is one woman who has a God-sent anointing on her life.

~Pastor Keith Butler

Logas Baptist Church

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