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Mia Merritt: The Power of Positive Thinking

Minister Merritt teaches on the power of the mind and the effect that the mind has on circumstances, belief systems and the journey of our lives.

Mia Merritt: The Power of the Tongue

Minister Merritt explains how powerful the tongue can be when used strategically or neglectfully.

Mia Merritt 2011 African American Achiever Channel 10

Dr. Mia Y. Merritt being honored as an African American Achiever for 2011 by JM Family Enterprises

Mia Merritt African American Achiever Acceptance Speech

Dr. Merritt was the 2011 African American Achiever in the field of Education for JM Family Enterprises for her accomplishments and service to the community.

Mia Merritt: When Prayers Linger

Dr. Merritt teaches on why there is a delay in our answered prayers sometimes.

Mia Merritt

October 2012 Part 2 of 3; Sermon Title: Pregnant with Destiny, Miami, Florida

Dr. Mia Y. Merritt being interviewed on 'Spread the Word Today" with Leslyn Joseph on Comcast TV.

Dr. Mia Y. Merritt speaks on TV about her struggles before giving her life completely to Christ.

Mia Merritt

March 2012 Part 2 of 3; The book of Ruth Process, Purpose and Promise

Mia Merritt

May 2012

Mia Merritt

April 2012 Part 2

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